Music Notes – Learn About the Musical Instruments

October 23, 2021 , Musical Instruments


Musical Instruments are made to create music. An instrument which is used to make music is known as a musical instrument. A musical instrument can be as big and complex as a large pipe organ or as simple and small as a little bell or tin whistle. Musical instruments come in many forms and are used in different kinds of music. Some instruments are used for accompaniment while some play the melody. All musical instruments have sounds of their own and are unique only in their sound.

Most musical instruments are not available to the general public and are owned by the country or state where they originated. The most popular musical instruments are the African traditional instruments, such as the xylophone and shamans drums. Many musical instruments have changed through time, becoming smaller, more portable, and sometimes more musical in nature. Some of the most popular musical instruments that are still played today are the Chinese harmonica, flute, sitar, harp, lute, guitar, tambourine, keyboard, gypsy electric guitar, and many others.

Some other types of musical instruments are woodwind, brass wind musical instruments, steel stringed wind instruments, and wood block drums. Woodwinds are played with two paddles or a stick and they have a variety of musical themes and timings. Paddles are used in Western music while block drums are used in Eastern music. There are also orchestral, chamber music, and marching bands. Each group uses its own musical instruments.