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Playing Musical instruments is one of the older forms of amusement. Still, it continues to be used by people of many cultures on several festivals and occasions.  It has been a source of continuous enjoyment and recreation for people of different ages.


These days most people are found to own musical instruments. They are either use it as a hobby or as a way to bring something special effect to celebrations and festivals. These might be as concerts, weddings, school dances, barbecues, or any family gatherings. Some musical instruments are more popular than others, for instance, the violin. There are many other types of instruments, which are though not popular, are played frequently all across the world.


Based on the creation of sounds, the musical devices are classified into families.  But this group is not accurate for all the instruments. For instance,  the piano is sounded with the help of strings for vibration and the hammers for hitting. So the question is to which group does the piano belongs to: strings or drumming?  For some it can be said both.


Probably one of the most well-known musical instruments is the violin. It is sometimes called a fiddle. It is a bowed stringed instrument. It evolved during the age of the Renaissance. If you ever attended a musical concert, you might have noted that the violin is common in many instances. The instrument is played either individually or in groups. If you ever attended any musical concert,it will be visible to you.


Violins are made of different materials, plastic, wood, metal, plastic, and even glass. Some people even play the violin while walking. It is very funny in a dark club. There is a vast area on the Internet that is devoted to Violinists. So, check out those sites if you are interested to know how one of these musical instruments can be played.

There are lots of musical instruments, they are Cello, Stringed bass,Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone, flute, piano, guitar, accordion, drums many more. But all the instrument comes under a few different groups.



Brass is the material for making brass. It is sounded when air is passed through it and vibrates the air vibrates the inside of the instruments.  The Brass musical instruments include trombone, French horn, bugle, trumpet.



These instruments sound when it is hit, for example, drum of tambourine. And the others are shaken, for instance maracas. Again there may be others that  are rubbed. The vibration makes a sound.



The string instruments played by plucking their strings like guitar or harp; or bowed, as a violin, a cello or struck with metal hammer as dulcimer. The vibrations that are created by the instruments are unique.  The violin, viola, harp, cello, bass, and dulcimer are belonged to stringed instrument group.



The sounds of Woodwinds are created by blowing  air inside. The Air can be blown differently,  like sending across from an edge flute, in a reed and a surface like a clarinet; or as bassoon between two reeds. The sound this instrument is produced soon after the air is vibrated inside.


Now that you have learnt about the musical instruments of different types.  Whatever instrument you play, you are sure to love the music and love the learning of those instruments.